19 Week Update… Do I have to workout? Yes, Yes I Do.

iphone (2)

I’m officially 19 weeks today which is almost halfway to the end- assuming she comes on time which is never a safe assumption. According to AlphaMom the little peanut is actually 5.5 in long and about 7 oz so not the size of a peanut but more like the size of my iphone (including the case). I could carry literally carry her around in my back pocket although clearly it’s advisable for her to stay put exactly where she is. It’s funny though because I often tell Carter I wish I could carry her with me all day in my pocket – which actually sounds really weird so I’m going to stop saying it.

It’s interesting that the AlphaMom 19 week analysis talks mostly about pregnancy fitness. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been at the top of my fitness game over the past few months. I’m tired. I’ve heard this excuse from people before: I’m too tired to workout. I hate that excuse. I know it sounds logical but really it isn’t. To lift yourself up off the couch and away from the TV seems like it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of effort BUT once you get past that initial very, very hard part and actually start the workout it’s amazing how quickly the fatigue goes away and the energy starts to flow. It is really easy to use pregnancy as an excuse not to exercise. Most people (including my husband) won’t argue about proper fitness routines with a pregnant lady (he’s a smart man). But here’s the thing, we all know we should do it. It’s hard. We’re tired, We want oreos (is that just me)? BUT in the end we know it’s worth every bit of effort to get our growing rear ends off the extremely comfy, inviting, and non-judgmental couch and go get the blood flowing to our disintegrating muscles.

I’m looking for some accountability partners (who are not my husband) to help keep me on track. I’ll reciprocate the gesture and keep you on track too! If you’re pregnant and tired and don’t feel like working out but know you need to get back in the groove so you aren’t completely out of shape as you attempt to push a baby (who will no longer fit in your pocket) out of your body- please message me or email me. I need your help and I can help you too! Yay for camaraderie!



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