Attention! New Accountability Group – The Fight Club!


I’m beyond excited to host a new group focused on empowerment, mindset, and fight club style sweating!
This 30 minute a day program is inspired by MMA and kickboxing. Just 30 minutes a day to feel like a bada$$ and create knockout results. Our app-based accountability group will last just 5 weeks including a prep week so that YOU will be set up for success. We will focus on mindset, menu planning, healthy meals and of course MMA style movement!
I guarantee to provide the support and accountability to motivate you into the holiday season. Don’t throw in the towel and let the holiday pounds creep on. Fight back! Enjoy the indulgences but feel great about yourself and your body so you can rock your holiday parties with confidence
Here are all the details of this exclusive Core de Force Fight Club Group starting November 14, 2016!
First, it starts NOW with YOUR commitment! I am personally committed to supporting up to 20 fighters so grab a spot now!
For 30 days we will focus on becoming stronger mentally and physically! You will go into the holidays HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and more physically FIT!
It is my honor and pleasure to help you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself!
Here’s what it will take:
💥 I need 30 minutes per day from you for exercise. That’s it. You can do this in the comfort of your own home. NO equipment needed, just a small space.
💥 I will provide you with the healthiest breakfast imaginable. It’s easy to make, quick to consume and tastes delicious
💥 Meal plans, portion control help, and easy recipes will be provided
💥 I will provide personal and group-based accountability and support.
💥Our EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE app based accountability group will allow you to log your results and track your progress. This will help us all stay focused daily and bring our best FIGHT!
💥 The exclusive knockout “holding group” is already set up and ready for you now. As soon as you commit, I’ll add you to this group (prior to Nov 14). This will get us prepped and set up for optimal success when we launch on the 14th.
Imagine going into the holiday season (before New Years) in the best shape of your LIFE. Wouldn’t that feel great? Feeling confident and fit instead of miserable and bloated. How awesome would that be!
This is definitely the most excited I’ve ever been for a new group. Don’t put this off! 30 minutes is all it takes. You have time. You are worth the change! The time is NOW!
Please send me a message saying “I am IN” if you’re interested in being one of 20 and hearing the details!
Can’t wait to fight side by side with you!

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