The 30 Days Before I Turn 30…


In a little over a month I turn 30. Kinda crazy. I certainly don’t feel 30 and based on the number of times I get carded I don’t look 21 so the fact that I’m actually going to be 30 is a little unbelievable but time doesn’t lie. Before I turn 30 I want to do something cool – a lot of people create a list of 30 things to do before turning 30 but I don’t have time for that… did I mention my birthday is just over a month away?? Then I had this thought: Whole30 in the 30 days before I turn 30. I like numbers. So once I thought this, it HAD to happen. You may remember I’ve done Whole30 once before. I’m up for the challenge again.

Blake is joining me this time (YAY!!) and we did a quick live video on Facebook about it last night… it’s the first time I’ve “gone live” and it was pretty fun …here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


In approximately 4 days we will start this Whole30 “journey” together. Side note: anyone else think it’s weird how everything is a “journey” now. I don’t love it… I’ll try to not use the word “journey” when talking about our Whole30 “experience.” We’re going to follow ALL of the rules because if we don’t it’s not really Whole30, right? This means no workout supplements or Shakeology for the whole 30 days. You guys probably know we both drink Shakeology pretty much every day but it’s always good to take a break from the easy nutrition option and go for the real thing – real whole foods all day, ‘ery day. Blake also relies on his pre and post-workout shakes so this will be a change for him. Another rule: no beer (alas beer has gluten). Obviously I can go without beer (I’ve done it for 2 – 9 month intervals while pregnant with our babes) but still.

Unlike last time, Blake and I will be documenting our journey experience primarily through my facebook “like” page but also occasionally here on the blog and on my personal facebook page so make sure to “like” my page and “friend” me if you want to follow along. I think one of the “unofficial” rules of Whole30 is to make sure EVERYONE knows you’re doing it so we’re just trying to cover our bases here. We’ll share what we’re eating (recipes), how we’re feeling, and general feedback.

Here’s my main goal: to not feel like crap when I turn 30. I don’t necessarily feel like crap now, but I know I could feel better. I tend to use being pregnant and breastfeeding as an excuse to eat what I want so I haven’t been the healthiest eater over the past year and can stand to make some drastic improvements to get back on track. Blake on the other hand eats 90% clean and is an excellent cook so I’m pretty excited to have him on my team in this… I’m preparing for gourmet Whole30 compliant meals.

One last thing, we will both be working out while doing Whole30. Exercise is an ESSENTIAL part of Blake’s day. I could stand to use some improvement in the consistency department so I’m using the Whole30 experience to also get back into a consistent workout routine and really feel great when I hit the big 3-0… maybe I’ll even have some abs by then (one can dream… I mean, it might actually happen). For further clarity, we both do different workout programs using the same streaming service so no gyms or anything like that… if we’re going to be cooking all meals and by “we” I mean Blake, a’int nobody going to have time for extra hassle in the workout department.

The 4 day count down is on… we officially start March 7th (30 days prior to April 6th… which is my birthday). This weekend we will be buying food and planning some meals in addition to normal parenting duties. Costco, here we come…

Can’t wait to keep you guys updated on Whole30 “experience!