Whole30: Day 7-15

We’re past the halfway point of Whole30. 15 days seems like a really long time and but also not that long. It’s a weird amount of time. Here are our thoughts half way through.

My thoughts: Really, Whole30 is not that hard. Still the hardest part is preparing food every night. Like actually cooking. But really, cooking actual dinner in kind of nice. At this point, I’m kind of “used” to Whole30 – it’s only inconvenient if we want to go out to eat but other than that, I could totally see us eating like this for longer than 30 days. I mean cheese is good, but I don’t really miss it. I do miss ice cream.

Blake’s thoughts: “Whole3o is really not bad after the first week. I feel like I have a great routine now. It is nice not to have track my Calories all the time. Stomach issues went away after the first couple of days. I don’t think I have felt better ever. I think overall it’s really good for me and I want to stick with the eating portions of this once I finish 30 days. Also, never slept better than I am now” ~ Blake

Clearly, Blake’s a fan. 

What We’ve Learned: 

  • We don’t know how to effectively poach eggs. See pic below…this is not a joke.

  • Blake definitely needs at least 2 more servings of protein and 2 more servings of carb-y veggies per day
  • If I’m still hungry after dinner, I have a spoonful of almond butter (sometimes 2). I definitely try to be careful here – Whole30 really stresses the importance of eating for fuel as opposed to habit so I really try to make sure I’m actually hungry first and only eat a little bit – almond butter packs a lot of energy in just 1 tablespoon.

Our meals: Admittedly our meals are getting more repetitive because it’s easier and cheaper to just buy the same stuff over and over again and plus I don’t have the time or patience for meals that require more than 5 ingredients or 30 minutes of time.

Day 7:

Breakfast: Breakfast casserole (recipe modified to include spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms and compliant chicken sausage)

Lunch: Pork chops, brussel spouts and sweet potato

Dinner: Cilantro lime chicken with pico, roasted red potatoes, zucchini 

Day 8:

Breakfast: Breakfast casserole (recipe modified to include spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms and compliant chicken sausage)

Lunch: leftovers from Day 7 (minus zucchini, plus acorn squash)

Dinner: Flank steak, sweet potato bites, asparagus

Day 9: 

Breakfast: Breakfast casserole (recipe modified to include spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms and compliant chicken sausage) and banana

Lunch: Leftovers from Day 8 dinner

Dinner: Pork chops, broccoli, brussel sprouts (this is the most half-assed meal we’ve cooked so far)

Day 10: 

Breakfast: Egg scramble – eggs+chicken sausage, tangelo (orange/tangerine hybrid)

Lunch: Leftover dinner from Day 9 (minus brussel sprouts, add acorn squash)

Dinner: Jalenpeno Turkey Burger with fried egg, avocado, and broccoli (we tried to do poached eggs on top, but that worked out really badly so fried eggs to the rescue)

Day 11:

Breakfast: Boiled eggs and grapes

Lunch: Leftover dinner Day 10 plus sweet potato bites. 

Dinner: Roasted pork roast with spicy cinnamin rub and apples, brussel spouts, red potatoes

Day 12: 

Breakfast: Egg scramble with apple chicken sausage

Lunch: Left overs from Day 11 dinner

Dinner: Lettuce tacos with ground beef taco meat, pico, salsa verde and guac. 

Day 13: 

Breakfast: Egg scramble with chicken sausage and spinach

Lunch: Left overs from Day 12 dinner

Dinner: QShack QCobb salad – brisket, turkey, romaine, avocado, tomato, egg (sadly, no dressing and no hush puppies)

Day 14: 

Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs, grapefruit

Lunch: Grilled chicken, broccoli, sweet potato bites

Dinner: Flank steak and asparagus

Day 15: 

Breakfast: Egg scramble with chicken sausage, mushrooms and spinach, and grapefruit

Lunch: Page Road Grill – Sam I Am Burger (no bun) and side salad. The burger came with fried egg, avocado, salsa verde, tomato and red onion 

Dinner: One Pan Chicken Fajitas and brussel sprouts

50% of the way through and still going strong-ish.

Stay tuned..


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