The 21 Day Transformation

I’m looking for 25 ladies who want to TRANSFORM their bodies, minds, and attitudes in just 21 Days. NO counting calories. NO tracking macros. NO logging points. You don’t even have to leave your house! Pretty sweet, right?
In just 30 minutes per day, you will tone your body and see amazing results. For 21 Days, we’ll focus on sticking to an easy to follow meal plan that fuels your body without starvation or deprivation.
All workouts will be done in your own home – you don’t need a fancy at-home gym. *You can customize your workout to your fitness level (“extreme” version for those who are already into fitness or a “starter” version for those who are just getting started)… both are the same cost. We can chat about which would be best for you and YOUR GOALS.
I will be your personal COACH. I’m here for you every step of the way – from motivation and accountability to tips, mindset skills and meal ideas – I promise to be your support system!
It is truly amazing how physical transformations develop into mental and emotional transformations as well.
I’m looking for 25 ladies who want to get stronger, healthier and happier! If you can take the very first step of committing to make a change, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!
This program ISN’T free, but it is the best health and fitness value available today! Here’s what it includes:
– A Complete 21 Day At Home Workout Kit (with DVD and streaming options) – you choose between the “Extreme” version or the “Starter” version.
– A Clean Eating Meal Plan (customizable to your tastes! No calorie tracking and no starving yourself)
– Portion Control Containers to “demystify” healthy eating
– A 20 oz Shaker Cup
– 30 Nutrient Dense Meals Included (A 30 Day Supply of your Healthiest Meal of the Day – Shakeology!)
– A Measuring Tape to Track Your Progress and Results (the scale doesn’t tell the whole story!)
– A FREE T-Shirt when you finish and send in your results!
– Me! as your personal coach and supporter
– 30 Day Trial to Beachbody OnDemand which allows you to stream $3000+ worth of unique workout programs from your computer, tablet or phone
– Access to our Private Challenge Tracker Phone App to Track Your Progress and Log Your Results
I’m committed to helping you become your best physically and mentally. I’ve helped hundred of other ladies do the same and can’t wait to help you too!
I like to keep my groups intimate and build relationships with each participant so space is limited.
Please contact me if you’d like to get more details and I’ll get in touch with you! I’m also available via Facebook Message – send me a DM or shoot me an email at
This is first come, first serve. If you want a change, respond to me TODAY! You CAN do this. You are WORTH it!