The First Trimester: In A Few Sentences


I’m officially at Week 14 so no matter how you count it, the first trimester is over! 33.33% of the way there. Just for fun here are 1-2 sentences that capture the thoughts, feelings or general circumstances surrounding each week.

Week 1: Absolutely nothing has happened yet, but I distinctly remember having a conversation with Blake that went something like this: Blake – “When do you think we should have another kid?” Me – “Well I definitely don’t want to be pregnant over the holidays again so let’s re-address this in December or January.” The irony.

Week 2: According to most “pregnancy calculators” we unknowingly created a baby sometime this week – I have zero recollection of when this might have occurred.

Week 3: Still blissfully unaware and packing for a family trip to Cancun. Had I known I wouldn’t need the box of tampons, I would have had room for one more bikini to show off the abs I worked so hard to get back.

Week 4: Cancun baby! (pun intended). Luckily, we were chasing after a 1 year old most of the trip so while there was drinking involved it wasn’t as heavy as it could have been.

Week 5: Crap… I never used those tampons I packed. Maybe I miscalculated but I’m going to an open bar wedding this weekend so I should probably check just in case. Crap… not going to be able to take advantage of the open bar.

Week 6: Seriously, my abs were just there… where did they go? It’s only week 6. I worked so hard to get those back!

Week 7: Turns out the only thing harder than attending an open bar wedding while pregnant it attending a bachelorette party while pregnant. Although I didn’t drink, I did get to enjoy the feeling of a mutual hangover with everyone else each morning.

Week 8: Who stole ALL of my energy. SO TIRED. Also, why do I only want to eat spaghetti os?

Week 9: I heard a heartbeat and got a picture… I know exactly who stole (and is still stealing) all the energy. This just got a little bit more real.

Week 10: It’s confirmed – this pregnancy sucks a lot more than the first one. I feel crappy and am always tired. Thank God for Blake – who is cooking, cleaning and folding laundry like a champ BUT if he asks “why are you so tired?” one more time, I will use my very last ounce of energy to punch him in the face… I won’t even be sorry.

Week 11: I got the “go-ahead” from the doctor to consume up to 300 mg of caffeine per day and add Shakeology back into my diet – Hallelujah! For the record I’m not drinking 300 mg of caffeine per day… but I am enjoying coffee again or more specifically skinny vanilla lattes! (I abstained from caffeine during pregnancy #1… what a cocky jerk I was then.)  Also, I love you Shakeology and I’ve missed you for the past 4-5 weeks – at least I know I’m getting good nutrition now (in addition to the stellar nutritional content of spaghetti os).

Week 12: The “news” is public thanks to a pretty cute Christmas card featuring my favorite child who caused absolutely zero pregnancy symptoms. It feels even more real. We’re having another baby… Blake is excited; I’m terrified. Same as last time.

Week 13: The last week of the first trimester… isn’t my energy supposed to be returning. The answer is no. It’s not returning, baby #2 is still hogging all of it. My evening productivity is at an all time low. Blake is a super hero for keeping the household running (but let’s not kid ourselves, he’s always been the one that keeps the household running).

Only 27 more weeks to go… it better only be 27 more weeks- I’m talking to you Baby #2.. you have an opportunity to win some major “favorite child” points back by arriving on time, just sayin’.


It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Pregnant… Again


Blake and I were on the same page about wanting more than one kid. After all, Carter needs a playmate who doesn’t carry toys around in his mouth – she has picked up this habit from the dogs – it’s funny but also socially frowned upon. We were aiming for Baby #1 and Baby #2 to be 2-3 years apart… the way it’s looking now, they’re going to be 22 months apart… which rounds up to 2 years… if you’re the kind of person who rounds up.

It’s clear Baby #2 is not going to be quite as easy as Baby #1. When I was pregnant with Carter there were zero (read: 0, none, nada) symptoms. It was easier to rationalize extra servings of ice cream, but beyond that, no cravings, no nausea, very little fatigue. Life was good, and I pretty much rocked at being pregnant. I know, I hate me too.

This time around, I am left desperately looking for the Space Jam monsters who surely sucked out ALL of my energy and are using it to fuel the Carolina Panther’s improbable run at an undefeated season. For all you Panther fans out there, I’m taking one for the team. You’re welcome.


The nausea has be annoying but not debilitating and my abs disappeared almost immediately. I worked so hard to get those back, couldn’t they stick around at least through the first trimester? The answer is a clear: no.

Don’t get me wrong, we are excited about Baby #2 and in the scheme of things, I know pregnancy can be a lot worse so I am grateful. As of right now, I am healthy and the baby is healthy and Blake is ok with taking on extra laundry duties so relatively speaking things are going great.

Now that the pregnancy secret has been spilled, I will be blogging a lot more frequently. During the “we-know-but-aren’t-telling-anyone” phase, it’s hard to hold a conversation without feeling like you’re omitting a huge detail of massive importance – it’s a little bit like having to go pee really bad while on a car ride and trying to hold it for as long as possible. Once you finally go (or in this case, reveal the pregnancy news) it’s a huge relief.

For the record, I think it’s going to be a girl… more on how I feel about that later.