How To Break The Dreaded Diet Cycle

The Diet CycleHave you ever started a “diet” before or even just tried to adapt a healthier eating plan? I’m sure we all have at one point or another. But they all seem to go the same way.

The whole process starts when we notice what we’re currently doing isn’t working. Unfortunately pizza and ice cream don’t sculpt abs and a trim waistline, so we decide to make a change. Maybe even go on a “diet.”

Initially, we’re thrilled with our decision. We make a meal plan and go to the grocery store on a mission. We pass right by the snack aisle and stock up with fresh fruits and veggies and the leanest cuts of meat. We don’t even make eye contact with the oreos because it’s a new day and we don’t need those anymore.

We make it to day 4 and everything is going as planned. We’ve been cooking at night and eating well. We’ve even gotten into an exercise routine because if we’re eating all of this healthy food, we might as well expedite the process and throw in some cardio. We step on the scale… and BOOYAH – we’re down a few pounds already. We’re confident and in control – those skinny jeans will slip on like butter in no time!

… And then day 10 hits. The vending machine chips are calling our name. The rest of the office got pizza for lunch and we literally start salivating. The free cookie at Harris Teeter is staring us down. All the food smells so good and that’s all we can think about. The. Struggle. Is Real. These are the kinds cravings reserved for a special breed of humans: those who are on diets and pregnant women.

We try to tough it out a few more hours or a few more days, maybe even a week but the cravings are too much. We give in, feel guilty and then give in some more. At this point we say, screw it! Diets suck and I don’t like skinny jeans anyway. Bring on the sweatpants, I can live in those for the rest of my life and eat ice cream whenever I want! But we still feel like we failed.

Does that cycle sound familiar? Want to know why it happens every time?

Here’s the answer: Nutrient deficiency.

When we cut calories and start exercising our body starts screaming for nutrients because it’s not getting enough. Our body is used to consuming more food and burning less calories so it’s not used to working efficiently enough to get everything it needs out of the food we are consuming. It’s quest for more nutrients manifests itself in the form of cravings. The lack of nutrients also causes irritability, fatigue and general crabbiness. Sound familiar?

Keep reading because here’s where I provide a solution to the all-too-common problem!

If our body is able to get enough nutrients while restricting our diet and increasing our exercise, the whole down-hill diet cycle won’t happen. We’ll actually have more energy, feel better and recover more quickly. Because we’re feeling so good and our body is recovering; we’re able to feel energized enough to keep up (and even enjoy *gasp*) our workouts! Our bodies are able to properly digest and extract all the nutrients from the foods we are eating so we feel full so we don’t have to deal with cravings pulling us off course.

But HOW do we get ENOUGH nutrients. This is where Shakeology fits in.

Shakeology is a nutrient dense meal replacement shake (that can also be used as a snack if you aren’t trying to lose weight but just want to be/feel awesome and healthy). Shakeology covers your basic nutritional needs for an entire day. It provides an array of superfoods and digestive support to help you feel better, recover better, increase your energy, decrease your cravings and ultimately lose weight (if that’s your goal).

If you want all of those benefits but don’t necessarily want to lose weight, no worries! Shakeology is flexible in calories meaning you can add fruits, veggies, protein, boosts, etc to it to make it a higher calorie, incredibly nutritious snack.

Can you diet and workout without Shakeology? Sure you can. But Shakeology makes it so much easier and provides so many extra added benefits.

Want to Learn More About Shakeology? Click HERE!


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