Happiness Tip #4: Exercise!!


Have you ever gone for a walk or finished your workout and thought “Man! I really regret that!” … I’m thinking the answer to that is “NO!.” Exercise is something we don’t always want to do, but once we’re finished, we’re really glad we did it. Exercise is a habit that requires us to think more about how we feel after it’s over versus how we feel before we start.

I was going to provide a bunch of information and linked articles on how exercise actually makes us happy but then I found this infographic and realized it basically covers everything…plus I love infographics! Check it out:


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Find a physical activity you love doing and then do it everyday! If you hate the treadmill, don’t use it. If you think gyms are gross or can’t find the time to go, then workout at home. If you have crazy allergies, do something inside. If you get bored easily, mix it up. There are hundreds of different workouts out there… if you have never found something you love doing, contact me or check out this page¬†– find your soul mate workout and then start doing it!

Seriously guys, add some activity in your daily life and make it fun. You will be happier!



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