Happiness Tip #1: Stop Comparing



Over the next few weeks, I’m going to write a bunch of posts on my favorite tips for having a happy, healthy life. I’m not claiming to currently have a happy, healthy life – but it’s a goal I strive for. Everyone can get better, right?

So tip number 1: Stop comparing yourself to other people. I think this is a trap everyone falls into on occasion or maybe more often than that. I’ve heard a saying that goes something like this – “Comparison is the thief of joy” and I think that is so true. There are two results of comparing yourself to someone else – arrogance or shame…neither of those are great qualities or feelings and they are definitely not joy!

If you compare yourself to someone else and re-affirm that you’re doing great in life or you’re in a better position than they are… you feel arrogance. But just because you have better shoes, a better job, a bigger income,etc.- does that really make you better? Maybe shoes aren’t important to them or their lesser income is earned by doing their dream job and they are completely happy with their situation …. maybe more happy than you… just sayin.

I think more commonly though, we compare ourselves to others and feel shame. We want what they have or think we are falling short because we aren’t achieving what they’re achieving. Here’s another saying – “you can’t compare your beginning to another person’s middle”… everyone is at a different point in their life and everyone has different priorities. A lot of us are  just “faking it til we make it” and putting all the good parts out there for everyone to see, but what you don’t always see are the doubts, fear and insecurities that everyone has.

We’re all on the same ride. Some of us are just trying to survive. Some of us are thriving. Most of us are somewhere in between. But none of that matters, as long as you’re doing your best most of the time. You’re doing great!

Motivate and encourage your friends, neighbors… and even strangers. Life is hard. Don’t make it harder and less joyful by attempting to size yourself up to other people!



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