Product Review: 3 Day Refresh

Lately I have heard from a ton… ok like 5 people, who were interested in learning more about the 3 Day Refresh. I hate giving feedback on a product or program I have never tried. It feels fake to recommend something based off of someone else’s experience or just repeating basic product info that I have access to as a Beachbody Coach. I like to be able to give true, honest feedback. So, I had no choice but to give the Refresh a try. Typically I don’t mind trying new workout programs or nutrition plans but I really do love to eat and the Refresh reminded me of cleanse which sounds like not a lot of eating so I was hesitant. In a few words, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.

Let’s set the scene for the review. I choose to start the 3 Day Refresh on Monday, July 6 which was directly after the 4th of July holiday weekend. The 2 or maybe 4 weeks prior I hadn’t been very committed to my workout routine and my nutrition was “so-so.” I had noticed my jeans starting to fit a little tighter and my “gut” starting to re-appear so I was looking forward to something that would kick start my transition back into better habits. The 3 Day Refresh is recommended for just that – to kick start a new workout program. It’s also recommended to be used after a long weekend where ‘splurges’ may have happened more often than not. So basically I had the perfect conditions for starting the Refresh.

On Sunday prior to starting I looked over the meal plan which includes a mixture of shakes (provided in the Refresh pack) and real food. The real food includes a mix of fruits, veggies and healthy fats and you pick and choose from a list of each based on the plan. For example, the afternoon snack included one veggie and one healthy fat. I am a very uncreative eater so I went for convenience over taste and followed the exact same menu all three days.

Meal Plan Breakdown: 

Breakfast (not pictured) – Shakeology and fruit. You could mix these together but I think Shakeology is pretty good by itself and I like to chew food so I kept them separate.

Morning Snack (not pictured): Fiber Shake (provided in the kit). I wasn’t sure about this one, but the shake was pretty good. It’s hard to describe the taste but it was definitely filling and by Day 3 I was actually looking forward to it… I know, it surprised me too!

Lunch: Cucumber, avocado, grapefruit and provided protein shake called Vanilla Fresh. The shake is not as good as Shakeology but it wasn’t awful either. The food combination was a result or my laziness… I’m sure there are better combinations of veggie/fruit/healthy fat but this was easy for me and the cucumber/avocado mixture kind of reminded me of sushi without the fish. It worked for me and left me feeling full.



Snack: Mushrooms with hummus. 1 year ago this would have made me gag but my palate has come a long way. I used to hate mushrooms but Blake loves them and they started to grow on me because he cooks them really well. The raw mushrooms with hummus actually wasn’t that bad and it seemed like a substantial snack because it took a while to dip and eat, also chewing was involved which is a plus with any type of refresh or cleanse.



Dinner: There are about 10 dinner recipes you can choose from. I chose the one that looked the easiest to prepare and didn’t have any hard-to-find ingredients (meaning I could find everything at walmart). I thought the veggie stir fry would leave me hungry but it was actually really good. I’ll probably start incorporating this as a side dish more often. Dinner also included another protein shake.


So there you have it… the basic meal plan of the 3-Day Refresh. Don’t forget to incorporate water all day as well… I drank like 60 ounces each day which is how much I’m supposed to drink regularly but don’t.

Here’s a few takeaways I had after completing the program:

  • I was never overly hungry throughout. I think drinking water helped with that, but also the plan is set up so that you are never too far away from your next meal or snack. After dinner on Day 3, I did really want some Ice Cream but I think that’s just normal for me all the time.
  • I felt noticeably better around lunchtime on Day 2… I’m not sure how to describe the feeling but I was just in a good mood which I didn’t expect given that no ice cream was allowed with the plan
  • None of the shakes are disgusting and in fact are pretty good.
  • Beer (or any alcohol) isn’t allowed with the plan. It’s only 3 days so think of it as a time to detox.

Overall Recommendation: I’m really glad I tried this one and will definitely be using it again in the future. I think it would be great to do maybe once a month just to kind of reset or “refresh” the system (as in my body).

Results: I did not take before and after measurements which I regret because the before/after pics don’t show a noticeable change but my jeans definitely felt loser post-Refresh. I also lost just under 2 pounds which is pretty good for just 3 days.

3dayrefresh before and after


My post 3 Day Refresh Reward: Blake was proud of me… I don’t think he thought I could do it….. the Refresh I mean…. not that I couldn’t go 3 days without a beer…




If you would like more info on the 3 Day Refresh, shoot me a message or email or click the link below:






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