Today is the Perfect Day… But So Was Yesterday



I’m a date person. What I mean is, I pay attention to dates and I typically plan to start something new on a date I like. For example, when my husband proposed, we decided on an August wedding. When I realize there was a Saturday in August with the date 8/4/12 – the discussion was over, we were getting married on that date. Here was my thought process: first and foremost, 4 is my lucky number (it’s even, it’s square, it’s practically perfect). 8, 4, and 12 are all multiples of 4… in fact, the first 3 multiples. All are even numbers. I literally could not have hand picked a better date – it was fate.

Today is Monday, June 1st. This is the only Monday that also corresponds to the first of the month this calendar year (The next one will occur in February 2016). It’s the start of a new week and the start of a new month. This date is practically begging us to start something new.

It seems we always want to start something new on a Monday or on the first of the month, or, of course, the first of the year (the notorious New Years Resolutions). Many people wait to start a new habit, a new diet, a new schedule on a Monday or on the 1st. Why is that?

On the one hand, we associate Mondays and 1sts with a beginning. It seems we are inclined to start something new at the beginning of something else (a week, a month, a year, etc.). But does starting at a beginning help us stick to that new habit longer? After thinking about it for 4 seconds, my answer is no.

I ran across a quote the other day; it said – “Those who wait until Monday to start, usually quit by Friday.” After thinking about it, that is so true. Only 8% of Americans keep their New Year’s Resolution. These people wait all year to commit to one new goal or habit and only 8% actually stick with it. I’m sure the success rate isn’t much higher for those who commit to a new diet on a Monday or a new habit on the next 1st of the month.

If our plan is to wait to start something new until the perfect time, chances are we aren’t really committed to that “something new.” And the perfect time doesn’t actually exist. Think about it- If the toilet is clogged, you don’t wait until the first of the next month to fix it. If your car is out of gas, you don’t wait until Monday to fill it up. If you want change in your life, don’t rely on a date to make the change – that makes zero sense and is kind of neurotic (I’m talking to myself here but if you’re in my boat, I’m talking to you too).

If there is any day this year that is “perfect” to commit to a new goal or habit, today is the day. BUT, if you truly want to change, you should’ve started yesterday (but if you didn’t, just start today… regardless of the date, today is the perfect day to start something new)!



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