3 Breakfast Foods To Avoid


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day – I absolutely agree. Your breakfast sets the tone for the day so making a good breakfast decision is crucial. Here are 3 breakfast foods to avoid if your goal is to have a healthy start:

  1. Muffins. Um, in case you didn’t know, muffins are basically cake. Obviously donuts and pastries are breakfast hazards but for some reason muffins have dodged the bullet and gained a false perception as an acceptable breakfast food. How did that happen? I have fallen victim to this misconception a few times- it usually goes something like this: “Man, that sprinkle donut looks so delicious- I really shouldn’t though. Let me make a healthier choice… Oh yeah, perfect! I’ll have that oversized lemon poppyseed muffin instead. Good job Kat, way to make a tough decision and stay healthy.” Somehow, in that thought process I rationalized that muffin shaped cake was a much better decision than donut shaped cake for breakfast. Wrong. No matter how you slice it, it’s still cake.
  2. Juice. I love juice. Orange juice is my favorite, I could drink it by the gallon (and did when I was pregnant). Fruit for breakfast is a great idea – fruit is rich in fiber and vitamins plus it’s refreshing and tasty. The unfortunate thing about juicing a fruit is you lose the fiber but keep the sugar.  The fiber is the part that keeps you full. Starting the day with a glass full of sugar with no fullness factor is a recipe for disaster…. that sounds a little dramatic, but the point is it’s not a good start. Have a glass of water and a whole orange as opposed the OJ… that’s a healthy start!
  3. Bagles. To me, bagels are just really dense bread… it’s like 6 pieces of regular bread vacuum-packed into a donut mold (minus the sprinkles). English muffins have the nooks and crannies and toast is also porous, but bagels are like the Fort Knox of bread…nothing is getting through a bagel- it’s solid. Another thing about bagels: they usually require a fatty add-on to make them delicious. A bagel without cream cheese or butter is like a PB&J minus the PB&J. You definitely want some energy to start your day, so choosing the right carb for early morning fuel is an important decision. Instead of reaching for a bagel and its fatty friend, try a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of toast instead!



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