$1 Million Health Bet

Fitness - Nutrition - Accountability

We all could use some extra motivation to CONQUER our fitness goals in 2017 right! Whether your current routine consists of remote control bicep curls or actual consistent workouts, a little extra motivation never hurts!

THIS is your opportunity to earn some extra cash (Specifically, a piece of a $1 Million ++ prize) just for staying accountable to your fitness goals for 4 weeks!

Here’s the deal:
Beachbody is donating over $1Million dollars to be split among active participants who participant in a simple, app-based challenge group from January 9th – February 5th.

This 4 week challenge includes:

– 20 – 30 minute daily workouts you can do from home or ANYWHERE you have internet OR a DVD player
– A meal guide with delicious recipes and portion control containers to help you stay on track nutritionally (you don’t have t strictly follow any type of nutritional plan… but your results will be better the better you eat!)
– A delicious, superfood shake to drink 1 time per day… so one super-healthy meal per day is included (recipes to make this shake taste like “pumpkin spice” included… also a bunch of other delicious flavors)
– Accountability, Support, Fun “Extras” within the challenge group

To Qualify for a Piece of the $1 Million++ Pot, all you have to do is log a workout 3 times per week and drink your superfood shake (which by the way also helps with digestion, energy, immune support among other benefits!)

Is it free? No, it’s not free but it is totally worth the cost… in fact, it’s the best investment you’ll make all month. You’ll feel better and be healthier at the end of the month plus you’ll earn money back just for doing the challenge!

Is it easy? Yep, all you do is download an app, enter a code to join my group and log your activity!

How to I join? Shoot me an email or contact me ASAP and I’ll get you all the details to join us! The 4 weeks start January 9th.

I love Cash but what other incentives can you give me? Glad you asked! I will personally be giving out “extra” prizes each week based on participation in the group. Prizes include (but are not limited to): Gratitude Journals, Shaker Cups, Workout Apparel, etc.)

Do I have to be in shape to join? No way! Anyone is welcome: couch potatoes, fitness fanatics, busy parents, stay-at-home grandmas, expecting moms, trying-to-lose-the-baby-weight-moms (Me!!), lazy bums, motivated mollys… you get the point

Y’all this is the FIRST and possibly ONLY time this “Health Bet” will take place. I’m super excited for it and would love to share this opportunity to get healthy, fit and earn some extra cash with ALL of you guys!

If you’re interested, shoot me an email or contact me and I will contact you within 24 hours with the details on getting started (there’s no obligation so if you just want more info without committing just yet, no worries!!)